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24-25 November 2023

The 2nd Digitiamo Hackathon on Generative AI 💬💻🔥

An event open to all young people (and not) who want to test their skills: two days focused on research, ideation and development of new innovative proposals in the world of generative AI.

Hurry, seats are limited!

Want to test yourself and create a cutting-edge product by exploring the latest achievements of AI?

In the vast world of Deep Learning, Large Language Models are imposing neural networks that deal with everything related to the simulation of human behavior in the textual field, such as creating synthesis or inventing stories, through an interface usually based on chat.

Hackathon aims to promote and encourage the use of LLMs to generate ideas and develop innovative products that can have a positive impact on society and meet the needs of the current market. 

The event will also be a special occasion for cross-team exploration and contamination.

Who integrated our assistant:


Who integrated our assistant:


A Hackathon dedicated not only to Data Scientists,Developers,Designersbut also figuresBusiness AndManagement cwho want to get involved in the topic of generative AI.


Cross-functional teams await you in which you can give your best!

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View the program in detail athis link.



  • Introduction to the Large Language Model

  • Presentation of the Challenges and the regulations

  • Presentation of the jury

  • Team training

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In presence:
Via Giuseppe Piermarini 26
Varese 21100



  • The Hackathon begins!

  • Brainstorming ideas, sstudy and search for innovative proposals

  • Development of the agreed idea in team

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🥇 1st Team classified
250 Euros in Amazon vouchers

🥈 2nd place team
150 Euros in Amazon vouchers

🎖️ Special mention
100 Euros in Amazon vouchers


    Presentations and winners

  • Each team will carry out a presentation of the project

  • A jury of experts from the world of AI and software development will determine the victory of one of the projects

  • Final aperitif

Enter the  scanning process.

You will be lucky enough to interact with professionals in the sector.
People belonging to the worlds of will participateLet's type,Ai Know You AndZulla.

It will therefore be possible to form teams with different skills: Data Science, Development, Infrastructure and Design.

The certificate of participation in the event will be given to all participants.


Why should I participate in the Hackathon?

You will have the opportunity to interact with industry experts, enrich your baggage with significant experience and new knowledge. You will work closely with university PhDs, Senior Data Scientists and Design and Development experts. Test your mind and come up with the most innovative idea ever.

Is there a contribution for participation?

There is no cost to participate. The event is free. You will only have to provide meals. But don't worry, the area is served by bars and restaurants, in case there is also Food Delivery.

What happens once you sign up?

Your registration will be subjected to an internal check. The goal is to verify that your skills correspond to what is required by the hackathon theme. You will be notified of the outcome of the check by Friday 17 November 2023 and, if eligible, we will send you all the details for participation.

How will I be able to move around the spaces made available?

There is no closing time for November 24th. We know that creating innovation requires strong energy, which is why it will be possible to stay at VareseNext during the night. For those wishing to stop we suggest bringing a sleeping bag.

What tools should I bring?

The organization of the hackathon does not include the supply of a PC, therefore we ask you to provide yourself with the tools necessary to be able to create the best possible ideas.  

Can I only participate in one of the two days?

The hackathon includes two operational days, where on the first day you will be assigned to a work team. It is therefore not possible to skip one of the two days, as it would not guarantee your teammates a fair contribution.

Can I come to the event only as a spatter?

The space available for the hackathon is calculated on the basis of the participants, as is the final aperitif. No unauthorized guests are allowed.

Are you ready to test yourself?

The participation is free and includes access to the event, the use of all the physical spaces and tools made available by the organizers and participation in the interventions and training that will take place during the event.

Do you have any questions or requests for information? Write to:

Hurry, seats are limited!




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