Innovation is necessary,

do it reliably and delightful.

Building an innovative product is difficult, though every company knows it's a crucial step for innovation.
We've created a dedicated approach to accelerate AI adoption leveraging company knowledge, using cloud super powers. 

Digital Product Design

New products design and development through an open innovation process.

A story: AIKnowYou, the first "youman" AI able to learn from consumer's questions and needs.


Software As A Service

If you have a technology, we'll create a platform which will exploit its possibilities.


A story: Parvus, an NLP based platform we've lifted ans shifted from on prem to cloud/SAAS

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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We take our clients by hand through the adoption of AI, NLP and Machine Learning making use of their knowledge.

A story: Data Lacus, a client we helped with the adoption of big data with the aim of making data actionable.

How we do it

We have created a proprietary innovation approach to speed up our customers’ innovation.

Our secret sauce is combining Competences and Product to simplify SAAS and AI adoption and fast product prototyping of new digital products launch.


We think that a big portion of customer service operations are repetitive and can be easily automatized.

We’ve created a Conversational Analyzer that listens on the wire to automatically extracts Topics and Q&A from conversations.

Main Benefits:

  • 40% Saved contacts

  •  Adaptive over time

  • Human Supervised


Are you ready to embrace your future?

Our experience in Product, People and Processes allows us to lead our customers evolution. We L.O.V.E. our approach, this is why





Love for what we do

We love what we do. We are the first users of our products.


We are well organized and refer to frameworks to scale up.

Replicable Value

We don’t sell heads.

We sell solutions that solve problems, no custom, and no tech implementations per se. Think big, start small!


We put ourselves in X' shoes:

Our colleagues, our customers, our ecosystem partners,

the rest of the world.

Business and Product Management

AI, Data Science, NLP

Infrastructure - SAAS, IAAS, PAAS; Model operation (Modelops)

Software Development


What is the product you want to create? Let's have a chat!

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